We love to share what we know with other leaders seeking to build a stronger and more positive organizational culture.

P3 is delighted to offer customized workshops and presentations to businesses and organizations. From in-service training days to keynote speeches, we can work with you to bring just the right information, resources, and message to your audience.
P3 also provides executive coaching to leaders and teams. Our coaching methods help leaders identify blind spots and embrace new ways of leading that are reflective of their values, skills and personalities.


P3 offers a variety of workshops that help leaders advance organizational strategies focused on belonging & inclusion, adaptive leadership, curiosity as a tool for DEI, and systems thinking.


P3 partners are trained coaches who support leaders individually as they work to build inclusive teams, identify strengths and blind spots and navigate change.


P3 partners use their expertise working with clients over the past decade to provide keynotes on a range of topics including leadership, equity and inclusion, and systems change.