Using customized assessment and planning tools, P3 partners with organizations to assess and plan for initiatives that achieve results.

We work to understand what clients want to achieve, why, and who needs to be at the table. By asking the right questions and engaging the right stakeholders -- whether employees, customers, vendors, or a broader community -- we help organizations identify the gaps between where they are and where they want to be and develop strategies to achieve results.

Project Highlights

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

P3 led the strategic planning process for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, which identified racial equity as the Foundation’s north star. The strategic plan built upon GMF's innovative work in neighborhoods and impact investing and helped prioritize efforts to increase the diversity of the foundation’s staff and Board of Directors.

Milwaukee Parks Foundation

Milwaukee Parks Foundation
P3 led the strategic planning process for the newly created Milwaukee Parks Foundation. The process engaged a diverse cross-section of residents and stakeholders to develop a plan focused on fundraising, volunteer engagement, and advocacy. The plan supports the entire Milwaukee community -- especially communities of color -- to improve park amenities, programming, and accessibility.